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We, as AKG Trading Ltd., warrant that «imstone slabs that have been permanently installed in the interior of residences for countertop usage and cared for in accordance with maintenance guidelines will be free from any manufacturing defects in material for a period of 10 years from the date of installation. This limited warranty does not cover any defects by further fabrication, installation or misuse of the countertop. Please read warranty terms and conditions carefully and do not forget to activate your 10 Year Limited Warranty by completing and submitting the registration form online within 30 days following the installation.

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Made of Quartz, Made for Life...
The natureís gift quartz and the natureís splendid colours join to form «imstone.
Hygenic kitchens and baths...
Having LGA Hygiene Report since 2005 «imstone has recently received NSF International Certification stating that «imstone surfaces meet the material standards according to NSF-51 for cleanability.
We stand behind our products 100%
«imstone slabs are warranted against manufacturing defects for a period of ten (10) years from the date of installation.