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1. What is Çimstone?
Çimstone is a quartz based composite stone manufactured through a high-tech production process developed by the Italian Breton company. Being one of the hardest and most durable minerals found in nature, quartz endows Çimstone with unmatched strength and durability. Çimstone is a non-porous hygienic surface that is stain-free, highly abrasion and scratch resistant, being not only unaffected by almost any kind of acid or alkalis, but also offering endless colour and texture alternatives. Supreme qualities combining functionality with elegance makes Çimstone an ideal product lending itself for a wide range of commercial and residential applications primarily for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities, accompanied by flooring, cladding, staircase tiling and tripod tops styling.

2. What is Quartz?
Quartz is the hardest mineral stone in nature after diamond, saphire and topaz. Quartz has 7 Mohs hardness degree on the Mohs scale, which is rather close to that of diamond (10 Mohs), and this enables Çimstone to be scratch-free even against metal or similar utensils while proving life long high resistance to abrasion even in areas of intensive pedestrian traffic. Çimstone does not easily crack or rupture during fabrication or transportation thanks to its high coefficient of resistance to bending and impacts.

3. What is composite stone?
Composite stone is the generic name given to derivatives that have been refined from the disadvantages of natural stone. Undesired characteristics such as hairline cracks, water absorption, fragility, reacting with chemicals and low scratch resistance are removed from composite stones that are produced with cutting-edge technology.

4. How is Çimstone manufactured?
Çimstone is produced in slabs. The production process of Çimstone slabs begins with pure natural quartz aggregates that are extracted from the highest quality quartz quarries and selected in various dimensions to combine with pigments and polyester resins and then pass through vibro-compression process where vibration, vacuum and pressure are applied to create a compact and durable surfacing material.

5. What are the benefits of Çimstone?
Cimstone is a nonporous, therefore easy to clean and hygienic material that is stain-free and highly abrasion, scratch and impact resistant. There is no need to for sealing or polishing, thus it is virtually maintenance-free. Production available in various textures with different types of effect materials on a broad colour range, Çimstone has an exquisite look fortified with supreme durability, hence it offers ideal solutions for a variety of applications, such as, kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities, flooring, interior and exterior cladding, staircase tiling, skirting and window-sills.

6. Why should I prefer Çimstone?
Çimstone is stylish and elegant with its vast colour and texture alternatives, each being more beautiful than the other. Its aesthetic look is unmatched in finishing off the architectural notion of the modern kitchens. Thanks to merits of quartz, Çimstone is a strong and durable surfacing material accredited by a hygiene certificate to be impervious to liquid and stain-free.

7. Can you compare Çimstone with other natural Stones, especially with granite and marble?
Unlike other natural stones, Çimstone's compact structure, which is free of hairline cracks allowing no liquid penetration, makes it stain-free and easily cleanable with daily cleaning agents, even only with a damp cloth and a little gel detergent. Natural stones of a microporous structure with hairline cracks are water absorbant, thus prone to stains and spotting, while also providing for a favourable environment for the bacteria growth. Çimstone is accredited by a hygiene certificate to be a special surfacing material that does not allow for a favourable environment for bacteria growth owing to its compact structure. Çimstone is not affected by the wearing effects of common kitchen stuff like vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil and wine that make harm to other natural stones. Çimstone maintains its brand new look and clean appearance as on the first day for many years without any need for polishing or sealing unlike marble or granite. Since natural stones are limited to natural reserves, suppliers cannot always procure the demanded quantity at the desired amount and colour alternatives. Yet, Çimstone can be produced in a rich variety of styles and alternatives, meeting various expectations at a time.

8. Can you compare Çimstone with other compound stones?
All the world-wide great manufacturers of compound stone use the patented Italian Breton technology in their production process. Çimstone is the first and still the only firm which has imported such a high technology to Turkey to produce quartz based compound stone.
High quality production, broad product range and customer oriented sales system are the corner stones of Çimstone’s philosophy of unconditional costumer satisfaction that firmly stand behind its products.

9. Can you compare Çimstone with other solid surfaces like Corian?
Çimstone is made of pure quartz; a mineral stone that is naturally quarried. Çimstone’s glossy elegance and unmatched durability come also from its composition of quartz by 93%. Corian and its derivates are 100% acrylic or polyster resin based products without any stone aggregates. Therefore, Corian and similar solid surfaces lack the natural shine and reflection of natural stones. Since they are less hard, this makes them easily sctrached and less resistant to abrasion.

10. How can I distinguish Çimstone from other materials?
It is really not easy to distinguish the brandname of a countertop or vanity top. Therefore, as of 2009 Çimstone has been inscribing its logo, product code and production work order number by laser ink–jet on the backside of its slabs. You can trace back the origin of your product only by checking the backside information.

11. Is Çimstone an artificial product?
No. Çimstone is not an artificial product; 93% of it is made of natural quartz. Çimstone ows its strength to the merits offered by quartz which is an uncomparably strong mineral stone.

12. How can I maintain the natural beauty of Çimstone?
The long-lasting luster and natural elegance of Cimstone require only simple and routine care to maintain the good looks. A damp cloth and a little liquid detergent will do best for and ideal cleaning. Çimstone’s compact structure is highly impervious to stains. Just wiping makes the surface attain its new look again as on the first day. Please refer to Care and Maintenance for more information.

13. How can I remove dried spills and stubborn stains?
Gently scrape away with a plastic spatula any spills of paint, nail enamel, chewing gum, mustard and grease that become hard to remove when dried. Then cleanse off the surface with water. Apply kitchen and bath triggers such as Cif Power Spray by Unilever and Mr. Muscle Spray by Johnson Wax on any remaining stain and scrub with a blue Scotch-Brite (3M) soft scour sponge, certainly rinsing well with water thereafter. Gel cleaners containing bleach such as Domestos Ultra Bleach by Unilever and Mr. Proper Active Gel by Procter&Gamble are also proved to be successful in removing stubborn stains. Never leave your countertop to dry out without thoroughly rinsing away any residual cleaning agent.

14. How strong is Çimstone?
Çimstone is tough but not totally industructable. It is, still, highly resistant against rupture, abrasion and scratch. Like any other surface, Çimstone can be permanently damaged by exposure to very strong chemicals and solvents, thermal shock, excess load or impact that weaken its physical properties. Therefore, pay due attention in order to let Çimstone maintain its brand-new look for long years and never forget to use cutting-board and trivet.

15. Can I do cutting and chopping directly on Çimstone countertop without using a chopping board or a trivet?
Thanks to its quartz compositon with 7 Mohs hardness degree, Çimstone has a high scratch and abrasion resistance. Therefore, you can easily make chopping or cutting on a Çimstone countertop without using a chopping board and make use of the whole countertop as your working area when preparing food. However, in order to let Çimstone maintain its first day look and gloss for long years never forget to use a chopping board or a trivet in any case.

16. Is Çimstone heat resistant? Can I place a hot pot or a hot pan on it?
In comparison to other stones, Çimstone is more tolerant to brief exposures of moderately hot temperatures. Yet, all kinds of stone can be harmed when exposed to sudden and rapid temperature change. We recommend that Çimstone surface be protected against temperature change like other materials. Therefore, avoid placing any kitchen tools such as a hot pot or an oven tray direct from the heat source onto the countertop; definitely use a trivet. When exposed to high temperatures, surfaces can react in various ways (cracking, discoloration, porosity etc.) depending on the product properties. Not only the fabricated or cutout parts, but also the inside and outside corners are much more frail, should therefore never be exposed to heat or open flame. When a heat source is situated close to a Çimstone backsplash take proper care for the reflected heat. Barbecue, deep-frying, jam and sauce cooking that need rather high heat may also cause a risk of cracking.

17. Is Çimstone surface safe for preparing food?
Yes. Çimstone’s compact and stain-free structure is not only impervious to liquid but also to moisture and food residues, not allowing for a favourable environment for the bacteria gowth like salmonella or e-coli. Çimstone has been certified to be the safest surface for food preparation by NSF International Certification from National Sanitation Foundation, an internationally leading certification center, confirming that Çimstone surfaces used as kitchen countertops fully comply with NSF 51 standards for Food Equipment regulating “safe materials for direct contact with any kind of food”. It is safe to use Çimstone countertops in kitchens for both residential and commercial purposes as it has been certified to be as safe as stainless steel. Çimstone has also been certified by the prestigious independent German Product Analysis and Safety Center LGA GmbH to be free of any bacterial growth after exposure to moulds and resistant bacteria. The same hygiene certification has reported Çimstone to have an excellent overall cleanibility making it completely safe as to microbiological hygiene after cleaning.

18. Are there any chemical or cleaning agents that must be avoided when cleaning Çimstone surfaces?
Yes. Never use cleaning products containing soft or hard scouring granules such as Vim Scouring Powder or Cif Cream, highly acidic (hydrochloric acid) or alkaline products, agents that contain alifatic or aromatic solvents (like thinners), furniture/wood cleaning products containing oils or powders, highly aggressive cleaning agents like oven/grill cleaners as well as dishwasher agents of high alkaline/pH levels. Should your countertop be exposed to any of these damaging products, rinse off your countertop immediately with water to neutralize the effect.

19. Is Çimstone with seashells different from other Çimstone products?
Seashell is an organic effect material, therefore it has lower resistance and higher sensitivity than the other effect materials. For that reason, Çimstone product coded 422 Riviera does not display the same properties and the same degree of resistance with other Çimstone products. Due to use of detergents with strong chemicals or environmental conditions like moisture, seashells in the product may be harmed, causing defects on the surface within time. For that matter, strictly avoid using cleaners containing bleach, anti-lime or hydro-chloric acid that may permanently harm Çimstone surfaces with seashell effect material.

20. Should I apply an additional finish on Çimstone surface?
No. Çimstone is a nonporous material, therefore there is never any need for polishing or sealing. What gives Çimstone its elegant gloss is the natural sheen of quartz. Çimstone requires no sealing, waxing or polishing. Such an application would cause nothing but only a defect on the surface.

21. How does Çimstone maintain its shine? Does it require polishing?
Çimstone owes its inherent gloss to the natural sheen of quartz. It does not require additional polishing and maintains its shine and smooth structure for long years. The gloss of the surface is measured with a gloss-meter denoting the percentage of light reflected from the surface. Cimstone is available in a choice of three main finishes; polished, matte and sandblasted. In order for polished Çimstone surfaces to maintain the first day shine for long years, a neutral detergent soluble in water would suffice for a simple and periodic cleaning. Yet, remember to use all the detergents and cleaning agents in amounts as instructed by the producers and rinse thoroughly with water after treatment. Otherwise, any residual cleaning agents that would accumulate on the surface may chemically harm the surface in the long run causing a dirty and dingy appearance. On the other hand, all kinds of daily use marks such as fingermarks would be more apparent in matte and sandblasted Çimstone surfaces as well as Çimstone Velvet surfaces, produced by a special brushing techinque, in comparison to polished surfaces which would therefore require much more daily care. Again we recommend you regularly use on such surfaces non-abrasive kitchen and bathroom surface cleaners like Cif Power Spray by Unilever or Mr. Muscle Spray Johnson Wax.

22. Is Çimstone scratched by knife? What is the effect of metals on Çimstone?
Çimstone is not sctratched when you do cutting and chopping on it. Those marks that you may see on Çimstone surface after working with a knife or spotting on the edges due to friction by the metal accesories of your clothing like the belt buckle are nothing but metal powder. In order to remove any such kind of metal marks left on the surface, apply a kitchen gel or trigger such as Domestos, Cif Power Cream Spray or Mr. Muscle Spray and scrub with a blue Scotch-Brite (3M) scouring sponge and then cleanse thorougly with water.

23. Can I use Çimstone in my bathroom?
Yes, we do recommend that you apply Çimstone also in your bathroom in addition to your kitchen. Kitchens and bathrooms are places where sanitation is strictly important. While those surfacing materials with a microporous structure and hairline cracks absorb water and cannot resist stain formation, they on the other hand allow for a favourable environment for bacteria growth. The micro-organisms invisible to the eye especially cultivate in wet places. Therefore, wet places especially require a meticulous and conscious approach in the selection of surfacing materials. Çimstone provides hygiene with its compact structure resistant to stain formation and bacteria growth in kitchens, bathrooms and water-closets where sanitary conditions are of utmost importance.

24. Is shade variance possible in Çimstone? Is there a one-to-one match between the Çimstone sample that I have seen and the Çimstone slab that has been delivered to my house?
Since Çimstone is not limited to reserves unlike the natural stones, it can be produced in the desired colour and texture in thousands of squaremeters; yet it is important to remember the fact that its composition includes 93% quartz. Quarries of this natural mineral stone are located at different places, therefore quartz may experience similar shade variances as is the case in natural stones. Shade variances do not occur on the basis of production date, but the change in the nature of quartz. On the other hand, the random distribution throughout the slab may reflect in a manner of shade variance on the surface. "Random distribution" means that sometimes particles congregate in one area or segregate in another. Especially among those products of granite looking and those with effect materials, provided that the production parameters are held constant, the pattern and the surface shade of the product may show different aesthetical characteristics, even at the same lot, due to this random distribution.

25. Is it possible to apply Çimstone as a flooring material?
Yes. Çimstone renders itself as a unique surfacing material that combines functionality with aesthetics. In addition to kitchen countertops and bathroom vanitytops, Çimstone also provides endless solutions in applications of interior cladding, staircase tiling, windowsills, skirting and flooring. Çimstone offers a variety of colour and texture alternatives that make you create the unique design of your own kitchen and bathroom. Apart from standard sizing and thickness in 30x30x1.2 cm and 60x60x1.2 cm, respectively Çimstone offers custom-made solutions for distinct flooring applications, providing a holistic approach to your environment paying attention to any kind of flooring details with a rich variety of colour and texture alternatives.

26. Is it possible to apply Çimstone as high skirting instead of ceramics or mosaics?
Yes. It is also possible to apply Çimstone vertically for backsplash as an alternative to mosaics and ceramics. On the other hand, you may also prefer to use Çimstone as a kitchen flooring which will enable you to design your kitchen around a more integrated concept.

27. What are the colour alternatives in Çimstone?
Thanks to the cutting-edge production technology employed by Çimstone, colour and texture alternatives are endless. Çimstone is coloured with inorganic pigments and it is also possible to add special effect materials such as pieces of mirror, coloured glass, seashell, bazalt and brass rasping. Apart from the standard colour range developed in paralel with architectural trends and readily available in stocks all year long, custom-made production is also possible. Please, visit Colour Range o make a selection among the present Çimstone colours available in the market.

28. How can I select the Çimstone that best fits to my kitchen model and kitchen cabinet doors?
Thanks to its mirror effect attained by the inclusion of original mirror pieces, Çimstone adds a natural shine and a perspective to your kitchen creating an unmatched harmony between the lacquer furniture, metal accesories and inox buil-in equipment, commonly used in ultra modern kitchen designs. Fine granulled and homogenous pastel coloured Çimstone countertops, inspired from the nature itself, make it easy for you to style kitchens of almost all times that do not strain the eyes. Çimstone countertops in black representing elegance and white representing hygiene and plainness, create a perfect harmony with glass and mirror accesories and when used in contrasting colours to cabinet doors, add a contemporary tone and a natural look. Natural stone textures (coarse-grained and variegated textures) are also available for those who cannot give up the classical style and nostalgia. In order to envisage your dream kitchen and be able to make the best choice, you can visit Photo Gallery.

29. How is Çimstone priced?
The price of Çimstone countertops and vanities vary with the area of application, craftsmanship and color/texture alternatives to be preferred. The final price of the finished product is offered by the fabricator that has measured the area of application. Price of countertops and vanities is the price of material and labour including application and installation.

30. Is your firm actively involved in environmental protection?
Çimstone duly performs its responsibilities in environmental issues like liquid waste collection and treatment, recycling and filtration, efficient use of rapidly exhausting natural resources for production purposes and manufacture of products harmless to human health. Its factory with eye-catching recreational fields serves as an example both to its surrounding facilities and the community in how to create and maintain a green environment. Water and discharged materials are treated by Çimstone via an automated water treatment technology throughout its production process and the treated water is sent back to the production unit to minimize water and energy consumption. Pieces of glass and mirror used in Çimstone products are recycled materials.
Çimstone countertops and vanities that are strong and durable enough not to necessitate replacement in the short run are also capable of maintaining the first day gloss and charm life long with an easy cleaning. Such qualities naturally group Çimstone under the eco-friendly products that provide for a sustainable environment with less amounts of energy consumption and waste production whereby high rates of water and energy are saved. Please refer to Corporate Sensitivity for additional information about other social and cultural events as well as social responsibility projects carried by Cimstone as a part of its corporate sensitivity other than the environment.
Made of Quartz, Made for Life...
The nature’s gift quartz and the nature’s splendid colours join to form Çimstone.
Hygenic kitchens and baths...
Having LGA Hygiene Report since 2005 Çimstone has recently received NSF International Certification stating that Çimstone surfaces meet the material standards according to NSF-51 for cleanability.
We stand behind our products 100%
Çimstone slabs are warranted against manufacturing defects for a period of ten (10) years from the date of installation.