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Top Harmony...

Having reshaped the gift of nature -the quartz mineral -with the cutting-edge technology of our times, Çimstone meets the changing countertop expectations in kitchen and bath designs with slab dimension of 305x140 cm...

Do you want a harmony between your kitchen countertop and flooring? Then Çimstone is your brand. Because you don’t use Çimstone merely as a countertop, but also as a surfacing material of interior and exterior cladding, staircase tiling, windowsills, skirting and flooring. The rest lies in your creative power: Çimstone offers a variety of colour and texture alternatives that make you create the unique design of your own kitchen and bathroom...  

Çimstone is also successfully applied in decorative designs such as tables and tripots.
Made of Quartz, Made for Life...
The nature’s gift quartz and the nature’s splendid colours join to form Çimstone.
Hygenic kitchens and baths...
Having LGA Hygiene Report since 2005 Çimstone has recently received NSF International Certification stating that Çimstone surfaces meet the material standards according to NSF-51 for cleanability.
We stand behind our products 100%
Çimstone slabs are warranted against manufacturing defects for a period of ten (10) years from the date of installation.